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Tumblr [NC-17] Request Fic - complete Also read on: Seasons Change [NC-17] Request Fic - complete Also read on: Opia [NC-17/M] Request Fic - complete Also read on: Two-shots: Wanted [NC-17] Part 1 Part 2 - complete Also read on: Blue [NC-17] - complete Also read on: Onkey …

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SHINee Yaoi Fanfiction [OnKey, JongKey, 2Min]. 4,771 likes. This is the fanpage for all of the SHINee's couple Fanfiction. Especially for YAOI, MPREG and...

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F.T Island Fanfiction Community! Spread the pairings loves of our cute Korean boys! This LJ was named after their title song SaRangAhlee ~ Love Hurts.

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pairing: OnKey, SHINee OT5 genre: smut rating: NC-17 disclaimer: SHINee is SME's boyband, not mine. But Key is everyone's property. lol warning: misused of food, misused of DBSK song, blindfold, tied, kinky SHINee. -___-" I made this smut fanfic for a birthday present to my Key-umma. happy birthday Key! ^^ and I'm sorry to be so 'dirty minded ...

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Summary: ♥Inveigled by beauty♥ Edward Cullen is a wealthy executive who has always had a fantasy of being with two women at the same time. His best friend Rosalie who has on occasion been one of his lovers decided that one night she was going to help him live that fantasy and she was willing to …

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[FF] Oneshot ; Saranghaeyo [OnKey Couple] Warning NC17. WARNING!! Ini FF NC17 Yaoi! *Yang gg suka baca NC atau yg blm cukup umur jgn baca yah… Tapi kalo maksa yah, silahkan <

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Posts about SHINee written by SoYeon_Ai. Part Of Me Is Main Cast: Amber Liu Henry Lau Kris Wu Cast: Key Lee Donghae Author: SoYeon_Ai Poster: so @sohwaart.wordpress.com Inspired By; Japanese's Comic The Day Of Revolution ——————————– Advertisements

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A collection of Onkey fanfiction ALL ABOUT ONKEY #000000. onkeywonderland. ONKEY FANFICS only Onew and Key in this Wonderland. A collection of ... NC …

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you can find my recent fic in AFF now~~ just click this link and taraaaa~~ you will find and read them if you want hehe ^^ and don't forget to leave a comment if you read them because as you know... I really like comments~~!!!

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Apr 28, 2010· Title: Idol Uke Rebellion [2] Author: fetishoney Rating: NC-17 Genre: smut with failed crack Pairing: OnKey Warning: might ruin your images of k-pop Idols or your imagination for your favorite idol and might damage your brain. Author doesn't take responsible due to incoherent mind, but responsible to continue or stop this fanfic. :) Chapter 2:…

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Im looking for onkey fanfiction, where jinki is a detective in korean police, his partner is jonghyun. They tried to solve a bugrlar case where e kibum is a thieve, along with his partner taemin.. They work under minho.. Kibum and jinki fell in love, but jinki never knew kibum's identity until the very end.

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Tags 2min angst drama fluff jonghyun jongkey onkey royalau . With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 64 subscribers, 600 views, 4 comments, 3839 words. Status Members Only, Subscribers Only. The King and Queen are crowned. ️ Kibum is the husband to Jinki the King of SHINee.

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More Notes: Okay, before you read the chapter I wanted to make a big announcement.A lot of the people who commented this fiction ended their comment pleading me not to abandon this fiction and I want to repeat it once more - I have NO intention of discontinuing it.

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FAVE "Kibum thinks all first loves should be a little awkward. A little uncertain, a little wrong, like all the parts don't really fit together, but they'd be hopelessly and foolishly in love anyway."

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May 26, 2014· Anonymous asked: Hi! I have been searching for a Snarry (NC-17) fic that I read a few months ago. Snape owns a pub and Harry tracks him down with the help of the twins. The three of them become regulars at the pub under polyjuice potion. Harry eventually shows himself and Harry and Snape begin a relationship.

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FF Yaoi (MinKey Couple) One Love NC21 | queenloveminho 6 Jun 2011 - NB : Ini FF oneshoot yaoi kedua aku yang berbumbu NC pertama yang .... siap bkinnya tapi dcoba deh, mudah2an bagus n hot#plakk#* lanjut.

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an onkey fic set up in stripper au where jinki is introduced to stripper key by jonghyun and then onkey fall in love. onew wants key to quit his job but key is worried that how will they survive only on jinkis income. yeah kindof like this. i hope u can help me with this.

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Please, please, please.. help me. I am a NC-17 . If a pairing has chemistry and I see that chemistry, I can't just ignore it and imagine them simply hold hands, kiss and profess their love. I need my adult fix to be happy in a fandom. I know SHINee are young - some of the members are…

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Pos tentang OnKey yang ditulis oleh thimagination. Konten ini diproteksi dengan password. Untuk melihatnya cukup masukkan password Anda di bawah ini:

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19 onkey,doctor jinki hittin; 20 Read Front and Back >> Collapse chapters << Promoted - Advertise. IT'S YOU. Chaeri,Jaehyun&Yuta are bestfriends.Chaeri likes Taeyong;Yuta secretly likes her.Jaehyun likes Doyoung,TY's friend.Chaeri&Jaehyun were mistaken as a couple but when their crushes knew the truth,TY got interested to her.What could happen?

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Characters SHINee; 2MIN for season one, ONKEY for season two. With 26 chapters, 3 votes, 150 subscribers, 26430 views, 252 comments, 71176 words. Keeping promises is Minho's way of life. Well, he promised to date his childhood friend 9 years ago before the moved to another town. The thought of maybe he will never meet the anymore led ...

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ONKEY FANFICS only Onew and Key in this Wonderland. A collection of Onkey fanfiction. ALL ABOUT ONKEY ... PG-13 to NC-17, Short-Chaptered (3 parts). Romance, Drama. School. Jinki and Kibum were the last two people the world expected to see together.

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just another shinee fic rec blog. if you like one of the stories rec'd here, please let the author know!